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Wing DMS provides you with a complete delivery management software solution for pickup and delivery. Prioritize and assign your drivers with precision and efficiency.

You can easily monitor and filter the orders per day, month or year,also Track the history of your shipment.

We provide you with a complete finance solution along with COD support, you will be able to know every step all the way.

Measure whether the shipments were attempted as per Shippers promised date.

Monitor the destinations with the highest number of orders to grow your business and generate leads.

Track how long does the driver take to deliver the shipment, monitor the best performance, and track your drivers daily attendance.

Add and remove features based on your business needs.

Take a picture of the customer ID and signature on the driver app as a proof of Delivery.

Your customer will receive a message that includes a link to track the order.

Wing DMS order template is designed for any business size, so you can upload as many orders as you want in seconds.

Our unique system will enable your admin account to create personalized usernames with no extra fees, in addition to controlling the role of each username.


149 USD
+ 0.06 USD/order
Density Map
Communication Module
Finance Tool
Fleet Monitoring & Management
Delivery & Driver Analytics
POD (Proof of Delivery)
Management Information System (Basic)
Back-up Plan (Startup)
199 USD
+ 0.10 USD/order
All the Silver plus
Delivery History Heatmap
Fleet Management
Live Tracking
Customer Feedback
CSV Import (Bulk Orders Import)
Customer Module (Web) / backend
Multiple Payment Options (COD or ePay)
Training (Limited)
Management Information System (Basic)
Back-up Plan (SME)
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All the Gold plus
Cost Configuration
White Labeled Driver App
White Labeled Customer App
White Labeled Backend
Integration Ready
Elastic Logistics
Customizable Reports
Training (Unlimited)
Management Information System (Custom)
Back-up Plan (Enterprise)

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